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Airdrops in Legacy Rust. A cargo plane drops packages that can be looted upon landing.

Airdrops are events which will cause a plane to fly over the map and drop many kinds of supplies in random amounts. These supplies are dropped in one to three large crates which will slowly parachute to the ground.

Some of the most rare and valuable items in the game can be obtained from this event. You will hear a loud noise of a passing plane when the event starts. During each event, one to three large crates will be dropped and they can include a variety of supplies.

This event can be random or set by the host of a server. Since the most recent devblog, Supply Signals can rarely spawn in military crates.

The plane which supplies these Airdrops is a variant of the C-130.

Tactics Edit

Since the Airdrop(s) can provide such good loot, you should be careful when approaching the site for said Airdrop(s). Even if you can't spot any other players in your direct area, you might be in someone's line of sight. The Airdrop might also be booby-trapped if you were not quick enough about getting there. If you, however, arrive at the drop site earlier than anyone else, it is best to take the valuable loot from inside the crate, booby-trap it if there are any snap traps or landmines in it and make a run for it. You don't want to stay near a drop site for too long as a lot of players chase these Airdrops.

Supplies Found Edit

A list of items occasionally found in Supply Drops:

Should you find any other items in Supply Drops, feel free to add them to the list.

Airdrop Supply Crate

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Changes: Edit

3/21/17: removed pump jack from item list (seriously guys, it's been a year since they were made monument exclusive, step it up.)

25/5/17: Removed Wood Armor from item list (Doesn't have it's own fandom page while Wood Chestplate And Wood Armor Pants do, So I added them and removed the Wood Armor)

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