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There were many different types of animals in Legacy. Their primary purpose was to provide a replenishable source of Food, Cloth, Blood and Animal Fat for players. Since there was no farming in Legacy, animals were an incremental part of the game. Before the addition of Rad Animals, only Wolves and Bears were hostile, and would attack nearby players. Boars and Deer would simply run away if attacked. After the removal of Zombies, animals were the only source of PVE (Player vs Environment) in Legacy which resulted in the game becoming less challenging. Below is a list of animals that were present in Legacy.

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  • It should be noted that Animals were also a primary source of Leather, as the Cloth gathered could be converted into Leather by cooking it in a Furnace.
    • Bears were the only animal that yielded Leather by default.
  • One iconic feature about animals in Legacy was the fact that they all yielded Raw Chicken Breasts when harvested by players. Ironically, there were no Chickens in the game, but this didn't really matter.

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