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Barrel Overview

Different types of Barrels.

Barrels are hollow, metal, cylindrical containers and a type of destructible world object found in Experimental Rust. They typically contain low-tier components and resources, which drop on the ground after the barrel has been demolished. Four different types of Barrels exist. Spawn locations vary from areas in and around Monuments to Roads to Junk Piles, and usually depend on the Barrel's type. For all types of barrels, there is a chance that no loot may spawn after a player demolishes them. (More so with the Oil Barrel)

Standard Barrel Edit

Barrel Unmarked

An unmarked, rust coated, Standard Barrel.

These unmarked, rust coated Barrels are the most ubiquitous ones and can be found at every Monument, alongside Roads and at Junk Piles. They may spawn with 35 or 50 Health points and contain items ranging from components to resources like Wood.

Biohazard Barrel Edit

Barrel Hazard

A blue, Biohazard Barrel.

This Barrel is essentially a blue, biohazard re-skin of the Standard Barrel and as such it inherits the Standard Barrel's properties.

Oil Barrel Edit

Barrel Oil

A red, Oil Barrel.

Rather than containing Items, red Oil Barrels will drop 15 Crude Oil and 5 Low Grade Fuel when destroyed. Oil Barrels have 50 Health point and can be found underneath the Sphere Tank, inside the Lighthouse, in the outermost Hangar at the Airfield and at random trash piles.

Note: There is an Oil Refinery at both the Sphere Tank and Airfield, allowing for refining acquired Crude Oil on the spot.

Trash Can Edit

Barrel Trash

A Trash Can.

Trash cans are a derivative of the Standard Barrel, the only differences being the changed world model and skin, reduced Health points to 35 and lower-tiered loot tables. They are commonly found around the Sphere Tank and Airfield.

Barrel Loot Edit

Note: The List bellow is incomplete. Add newly discovered loot drops accordingly.

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