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The bear is a normal animal that can be found out in the forest. Unlike some harmless creatures like the deer, it will attack you if you get too close.

Bears give about 10 Raw Chicken Breast, 8 Cloth, 10 Blood, and 8 Leather. They are extremely aggressive.

Killing & Avoiding a BearEdit

In Legacy, it can take up to 10 hits with a hatchet to kill. Using a shotgun is your best bet of killing one of these beasts. You can also use a bow to kill them, but it will take at least 7 arrows. When you hatchet the bear, it will also drop leather which you can use later on to craft certain items. If you can't kill it, you can run away until you eventually lose it; however you will probably die before this can happen. The best way to survive a bear attack is to use bandages/ medkits, or, you can jump onto an elevated surface (wolves and bears alike cannot climb onto foundations: use this to your advantage if you're being chased by multiple bears and wolves).

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