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Bleeding icon
Type Status Effect
Craftable N/A
Player begins to lose health at a faster rate.

A player can obtain the Bleeding status from various things, most commonly attacks from hostile animals, gunshot wounds, sharp weapons, traps, and sometimes falls. When a player is Bleeding, it will show up in an orange bar in the lower right corner of the player UI, just above the vitals bars. There will also be a percentage beside the word "Bleeding", signifying how badly the player is bleeding out of 100%. When bleeding the player will begin losing health, rapidly or gradually depending on the percentage. 100% Bleeding means a very rapid descent of health, while 1% means a very slow descent. Bleeding automatically and slowly heals by itself over time, the percentage getting about 2% lower every second, but it is not a good idea to rely on this when bleeding.

How to deal with Bleeding Edit

  • Use a Bandage. Bleeding will instantly stop once bandage is fully wrapped.
  • Use a Large Medkit or Small Medkit, this will take away the bleeding and slowly restore your health (as long as you are not damaged again during the process).
  • Use a Medical Syringe in emergency situations to buy yourself some time. The Medical Syringe will only give you 50 more health, and it will NOT stop Bleeding.
  • Wait for the Bleeding to heal by itself. (Last resort, this is very ineffective unless Bleeding is below 15%!!!)
  • Avoid taking more damage, which could potentially make the situation worse.
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