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Blueprints are a useful way to learn how to create better items in game. There are several different types of blueprints.

Blueprints have been removed since devblog 100, They were replaced with the XP System.

World Locations Edit

Blueprints can be found in Airdrops, Barrels, trash piles and crates in rad towns around the map.

Usage Edit

One can Reveal a blueprint by selecting the Blueprint item, aka Fragment, Page, Book or Library, and pressing the Reveal BP button. This will give the player a random blueprint from the associated tier.

Rarity and Tiers Edit

The new Blueprints system as introduced with Devblog 72 puts all the blueprints into one of four different categories:

Common Blueprints Edit

These blueprints can be easily found. Or they can be obtained by using 20 seconds blueprint fragments from the above location.

Uncommon Blueprints Edit

These blueprints are less common than the common blueprints but are still more common than rare and very rare blueprints. They can be obtained in the above locations or by using a Blueprint Page

Rare Blueprints Edit

These blueprints can be obtained using a Blueprint Book.

Very Rare Blueprints Edit

These blueprints are the hardest to obtain. These can be obtained in the above locations or by using a Blueprint Library.

Conversion Table Edit

In the new blueprint system the lower tier blueprints can be converted into higher tier blueprints. The following table shows the amount required for each.

Blueprint Fragment icon Blueprint Page icon Blueprint Book icon Blueprint Library icon
Blueprint Fragment icon N/A 60 300 1200
Blueprint Page icon 60 N/A 5 20
Blueprint Book icon 300 5 N/A 4
Blueprint Library icon 1200 20 4 N/A

See also Edit

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