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Building Privilege
Construction icon
Type Status Effect
Craftable N/A
Allows or restricts a player from deploying building components, craftables and other items in an area.

Building Privilege is a status effect present in the current version of Rust (formerly Experimental Rust). Building privileges did not exist in Legacy Rust.

The buff is applied to players by an active Tool Cupboard and will affect all players, who are standing within the Tool Cupboard's range.

The buff either allows or prohibits players from building constructions and deploying crafted items or traps within the Tool Cupboard's effective range, depending upon whether they are authorized on it or not.

Privilege Edit

Building Privilege

The "Building Privilege" buff as seen in-game.

Players, who are on a Tool Cupboard's authorization list and are standing within the cupboard's range will be affected by a "Building Privilege" buff. They will be able to freely build or deploy items in the area. Authorized players will also be able to demolish newly placed structures with a Hammer for a short period of time after construction. After this period has passed all constructions and upgrades are permanent until destroyed by other means.

Blocked Edit

Building Blocked

The "Building Blocked" buff as seen in-game.

A "Building Blocked" debuff will be applied to players, who are not yet authorized on a Tool Cupboard, but are standing within the cupboard's range. They will be prevented from building or deploying items in the area.

Exceptions Edit

It should be noted that as of Dev Blog 158, unauthorized players can deploy/build twig structures and ladders within the Tool Cupboard effective range, however they are not allowed to upgrade anything.

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