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Camp Fire
Camp Fire icon
Type Appliance
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
Wood iconTransparent item
A small camp fire.

Campfires are craftable, placeable items which provide warmth, light and safety to any nearby player, providing a Comfort Bonus to slow down hunger and increase health regeneration (2 per tick instead of 1). They can be used to cook Food but cannot be used to refine ores. Campfires can cook three pieces of food simultaneously. Campfires also require Wood to burn (the campfire will consume 1 piece of Wood per minute) , which is placed inside the campfire's wood slot to be used as fuel.

If a player wishes to cook food in the campfire, they should hold 'e' or your 'use' key until you get two options that say 'Ignite' (if already ignited it will say 'Extinguish') or 'Open'. By clicking 'Open' you will open a HUD in which you can place raw chicken breast and wood to cook.

In addition to their literal functionality as a source of comfort, cooking and light, campfires may be used as beacons to signal a player's location. Campfires may also attract Bandits to the location of a player, so caution should be taken when lighting one.

Campfires will disappear after a certain amount of time after not being lit, whether or not it has any items in it. To stop this from happening, you must keep the campfire lit at all times. Because of this, it is advised that players do not leave any items on a camp fire when it is not lit, as those items are at risk of being despawned. Campfires can be destroyed after being placed.

Campfires will be deleted after 2 hours without fuel.

A campfire with 250 wood will give you around 4 hours of comfort and light. Also resulting in 750 pieces of Charcoal .

NOTE: Once the Campfire has been crafted with 5 Wood, you are able to take out that same wood out of the campfire. This currently means that Campfires can technically be made out of nothing, but this is expected to change in the future.

A campfire can also be destroyed with 20 axe hits or 9 pickaxe hits.


Campfires may be crafted with 100 Wood. They take 20 seconds to craft.

Once a campfire is crafted, it may be placed on any appropriate (green) surface by the player by clicking the left mouse button.


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