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Weapons are key to survival as they provide the player with offensive and defensive capabilities. As a player progresses through the game, they may find new weapons or ways to craft them.

Firearm AttachmentsEdit

Most of the firearms in Rust are capable of taking attachments. On a firearm's inventory image there will be a number of squares that determine how many that individual weapon can take, this number varies from 0 to 5 slots. The different attachments available at this time are: Holo Sight, SIlencer, Flashlight mod, and Laser Sight

Melee WeaponsEdit

Single-Fire/ Bolt-Action WeaponsEdit

Semi-Automatic/Pump Action WeaponsEdit

These are single fire weapons with the pistols having a faster fire rate and low damage and shotguns having a slower fire rate but more damage infliction. Can be found, learned and crafted. Note: the current update (1/5/2014) All these guns can fire up to over 50 of their original range that is stated in the game.

Automatic WeaponsEdit

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