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Clan War Edit

A clan war is when two groups, or clans (as the slang term is called) fight each other in a quest to gain dominance, resources, or the simple feeling of winning against another clan.

Clan wars include:

  • Raids on the enemy clan
  • Slanderous remarks in the Rust chatbox and/or forums about other clans
  • Flamewars; supporters of a clan or clan members get in online arguments about which clan is better.
  • Controlling abandoned bases and rebuilding them as strongholds
  • Building "raid towers" or very tall towers used to get the drop on enemies
  • (Sometimes) complete destruction of the enemy clan's final base or "last stand" building in order to completely humiliate the enemy clan and brag about it in the chatbox and/or forums.

Clan wars exist in Rust experimental and Rust Legacy.

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