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Player begins to lose food at a faster rate. In Experimental Rust, they will also take damage.

There are quite a few different ways to get the Cold status. The first and most common way is at night. Just like in Legacy, if you are minimally clothed, you will be easily susceptible to cold. The "Cold status" bar will appear in the lower right of the player's UI when the surrounding temperature drops to at least 5°C. The player will start to slowly take damage, and the damage effect will increase with a lower temperature. Another common way to become "Cold" is to swim in a body of water, such as a river or ocean. The player's body temperature will decrease very quickly, and at night the effect is even worse. The lowest temperature players can experience in a river would be about -65 °C, so swimming in a body of water can be lethal. The final common way of receiving the Cold status is from climbing to high elevations, especially where there is snow. Once again, if the player is adequately clothed the effect should be reduced enough to be harmless.

Trivia Edit

  • The best way to avoid the "Cold" status is to have a good amount of clothing equipped to keep the player warm.
  • An icy effect will develop around the edges of the screen when temperatures drop below -4 °C.
  • Metal clothing will actually make the cold WORSE, so be careful not to make the common mistake of wearing too much metal equipment at night. Metal clothing also amplifies heat.
  • You will take cold damage surprisingly fast when being in a body of water. It helps to try to stay above the water, and get out as fast as possible. Clothing will not help very much.
  • Campfires are an easy way to stay warm at night, but beware: the light may attract unwanted attention from other players.
  • A Rust day is 45 minutes long, and the night is 15 minutes

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