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Type Buff
Craftable N/A
Allow healing and slows hunger.

Comfort is a beneficial status effect that can be achieved when standing next to a campfire, a furnace, or a Pookie Bear. When comforted, the player will regenerate health, hunger will deplete much more slowly, and it will decrease radiation. The amount of comfort increases when there are more players near the area providing the status effect. By default, if there is only one player, they will generate 50% comfort, while two players will generate 75%, and 3 or more players will generate 100%.

List of Comfortable ItemsEdit

vde Mechanics
Attack Damage TypesProjectiles
Environment AnimalsBarrelsBiomesFloraLoot CratesMonumentsRocks
Gameplay Attack HelicopterAirdropsBuildingCombatCraftingGatheringRaidingRepairingResearching
Player HealthProtectionSleepingSpawning
XP System ExperienceSkill TreeTech Tree
Category:Status Effects BleedingBuilding PrivilegeColdComfortDrowningHeatHungerInjuredPoisoningRadiationWetWounded

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