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In Experimental version Edit

Drowning happens when a player spends too much time underwater without surfacing. This will cause the player to rapidly lose health, and is often accompanied by the Cold and Wet status, making it even deadlier. When drowning, an orange bar will appear at the lower right corner of the player UI, just above the vitals bars saying "Drowning". This status is obviously very easy to avoid by staying above water, although situations like combat may provide an opportunity for this to happen (some players attempt to avoid gunfire by diving underwater).

In Legacy version Edit

In the Legacy version, drowning isn't really a status because the player is unable to go into the water. However, "drowning" in Legacy commonly refers to the fact that in Legacy Rust, a player will instantly die from touching water. This is how Legacy Rust was meant to be; it was not intended for players to leave the island.

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