F1 Grenade

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F1 Grenade
Type Explosive
This is an explosive.


Grenades in Rust are explosive items that behave similarly to the grenades of Counter Strike, only weaker. The Grenade's throwing range is approximately 40 meters. The high cost, low damage and low throwing distance make it very impractical for low level players. Due to these factors, it is considered to be the least useful weapon in the game at this time.

To craft this item a player will need the "F1 Grenade" Blueprint, or must research it with a Research Kit 1.


At least two grenades are required to kill a person with full health and with perfect hits. The grenade deals damage to wooden and metal structures. Wood Barricade may also be destroyed with grenades. "The grenade can break down Metal Doors however it takes 11 grenades to destroy."

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