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The Flashlight Mod was an attachment that added a flashlight to a player's Firearm. The Flashlight was an effective light source and was especially useful in tight, dark areas where a Torch would render the player defenceless.


The Flashlight Mod could be placed onto a firearm by dragging the attachment onto any firearm which had a free attachment slot.

Players could toggle their flashlight on and off by using the "F" key.

Note: Some firearms did not support attachments.


Below is a list of firearms that mods can be attached to:


Flashlight mods could be obtained in three different ways:


Flashlight mods could be crafted using 5 Low Quality Metal. Doing so would take 7 seconds and yielded one flashlight mod. A Workbench was required to craft them.


  • The Flashlight Mod could sometimes become stuck in the "on" state for other players, effectively making players an easy target, or alerting other players when someone was trying to be stealthy. This could be fixed by dying, or logging out and rejoining the game.
  • The Flash Light Mod (like the Laser Sight), pointed sideways when attached to the Revolver.

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