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Hack name removed

Rust Hackers are players who exploit the game in order to gain an advantage over other players. Using multiple flaws/exploits in the game due to its early development state, the goal of most hackers is to ruin the game experience for other players.

Hacks can include flying, speedhacks, etc. Since the game is in such early development, an anti-cheat/constant monitor is not implemented, so hackers are rather common even on the official servers (unfortunately).

Tip: Most, if not all, hackers are still susceptible to death. If you encounter a hacker, you are advised to log out or secure yourself. If none of the above are applicable, you may attempt to kill them. Most will die from 1-2 shots to the head with any powerful weapon (M4, Shotgun, etc.).

This is a list of current features of some Rust cheats that have already been released.

Feature Set Removed due to giving out names of hacks - we do not want people getting any ideas. Thinking of ideas? Know the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans permanent; you will not be unbanned! VAC bans failing, server administrators will ban you permanently from their servers with much haste. As a completely final warning, just about every 'hack' comes with malware or other unwanted programs.

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