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The Hand Cannon (known as the Shady Hand Cannon or the Eoka Pistol in the crafting menu) is a craftable Weapon that uses Handmade Shells. It is the simplest gun to craft, using only 20 Wood and 10 Metal Fragments to make. This gun is only useful up close, and should not be used for long range, as it is extremely ineffective.


The Hand Cannon is primitive in both sight and usage. Shooting, unlike all but one other gun, is not instantaneous. Instead there is a relatively short delay (which is also random; so, you can shoot after 1,2 or 3 attempts) to when the shell is fired. It also has high recoil, but due to the gun only having one shot before it has to be reloaded, this is mostly irrelevant. this gun is ineffective against multiple targets such as savage bandits, as the reload time and lack of range will leave you vulnerable against most weapons. The animation used when firing the weapon is striking the top of the gun with a piece of flint or a shard of something. One not paying close attention may think the player is hitting the gun to make it fire.




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