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Harbor view

Cranes at the small harbor.

The Harbor is a type of Monument that can be found in Experimental Rust. Two different variations of the harbor exists, one small and one large.

No radiation is emitted at the harbors making it an ideal location for newly spawned players. Public utilities include a Recycler and high chance of Small Oil Refinery.

Layout Edit

Harbors are located in close proximity to shores and similar coastal areas, and feature anchored cargo ships with accessible containers, shipwrecks, scalable container cranes, forklifts and military trucks.

Infrastructure Edit

A Recycler is located at the outskirts of the large harbor, as well as on the larger dock of the small harbor. There is also an Small Oil Refinery present at most harbor spawns.

Map Edit

Large harbor Edit

[toggle view]
Recycler map icon.png
Harbor map large.jpg

Small harbor Edit

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Harbor map small.jpg

Gallery Edit

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