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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

High External Stone Wall
High External Stone Wall icon
A high stone wall used to keep people off your property.
Shortname wall.external.high.stone
Type Construction
Stacksize 10
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 180 s
Stones iconTransparent item

The High External Stone Wall is a defensive, deployable structure used to help keep intruders away from your base. It is great when used in a combination with other defensive structures. Although fairly expensive, the High External Stone Wall can be useful in repelling attacks against your buildings.

The wall is about 4 meters tall. It can be destroyed to gain access to the next layer of defenses. One High External Stone Wall is about 2.5 meters in width, so in order to actually create a complete wall you may need to use dozens of these, or more depending on the area you want to secure.

The wall cannot be removed or rotated using a hammer. The High External Stone Wall cannot be placed onto a foundation, and must be placed on solid, level terrain.

It is not recommended to use this as a main defense for a home.

Crafting Edit

The High External Stone Wall can be crafted with:


  • It takes 180 seconds to craft one stone wall.
  • The wall has a health of 500.
  • It takes 2 Timed Explosive Charge to break. Each charge will remove 275 health.
  • Wall decays (loses health) every 10 hours.

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