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This is a guide on how to identify the different type of mineral rocks in Rust.

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The Mineral Rock is an environmental resource in Rust. They generally spawn almost anywhere on the map, and unlike the cliffs and mountains of the world, mineral rocks can be mined for resources. Mineral rocks can be easily distinguished from other, non-mineable rocks due to their rounded appearance and distinct texture, with a colored pattern indicative of what ore they primarily contain. Mineral rocks are always fairly small, so if you find a large rock formation, you can easily tell that it is not mineable.

Mineral Rock

Two mineral rocks in Rust. Notice their rounded appearance and distinct texture.

Loot Edit

Mining a mineral rock will provide a random proportion of:

Identification of Mineral Rock Types Edit

What if you only need one type of ore from mineral rocks, for example, if you're looking to craft a specific item? Well, some mineral rocks will have more of one type of ore than others, and in fact, there is a way to tell which rocks have an abundance of certain minerals! There are 4 types of rocks, so here's how to tell:

  • Balanced Mineral Rock: A regular, common type of rock with balanced amounts of all three types of resources. They usually have a plain, grey look and sometimes have lines of lighter grey running through them. These usually should not have shiny spots on them, otherwise this is a Metal-rich Rock.
  • Stone-rich Rock: Also fairly common, these rocks are a constant shade of grey, and no other colour. These rocks provide about 1.2-2.0x more stone than the average rock. To balance it out, the rate of Metal Ore and Sulfur Ore are slightly less.
  • Metal-Rich Rock: This type of rock appears like a Balanced Mineral Rock, except small piece/flecks of shiny silver-grey can be seen embedded in the rock. Sometimes faint reddish-brown splotches are also visible on the rock. This type of rock gives 1.5-3.0x more Metal Ore, and a smaller amount of every other resource. This type of rock is good for when you want to get more Metal Ore to smelt for crafting items.
  • Sulfur-Rich Rock: Easy to distinguish from the other types of rocks because they have highly visible splotches and streaks of yellowish material in them. These rocks have about 2.0-3.5x the amount of Sulfur Ore in them, but much less Stones and Metal Ore.

As a test of skill, try to tell which types of rock the two mineral rocks shown in the picture above are!

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