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This is a Guide on how you raid. You could either "Solo it and Yolo it", or a group of friends can help.

Now if you want to Solo raid, 

First, get full Kevlar, a bunch of charges, a bunch of weapons for close-mid-long combat range, your mum in some naughty panties and Medkits, Large Medkits, Bandages, etc.

1st Part of Raiding: First off, you want to blow off the front door. Run away so no one notices you tried to blow it up.

After the door breaks, Get your MP5A4 if anyone heard the charges. If someone did come into the house. Shoot them immediately. You don't want to die and lose everything you got :P

Anyways. take the items you need nd blow off the other doors. Make sure you make Metal Doors in case someone sneaks up behind you. Place a Metal Door to the door you blew off on the doorway.

2nd Part of Raiding: Find their main base (where they keep all the goodies). Hatchet the player's bed quietly so no one hears you destroying a bed. After you got everything you need, blow up all of their Storage boxes. After you finish raiding their house, get out of the house quietly...

Group Raid (Easy)Edit

Now if you want to Group Raid,

Get your group full Kevlar, x5 Charges for everyone, M4s for everyone, Large Medkits, Bandages, etc.

1st Part of Raiding: Blow off the front door. make sure your group watches out for any intruders. Take as much as you can.Edit

After The RaidEdit

After the raid, you can celebrate your win or 1st ever win of a Raid.

I hope this guide was helpful. :D

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