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Information accurate as of: build 884.05

In Legacy version. Edit

Hunger icon
Type Status
Craftable N/A
Signfies that the player is low on food. Slowly does damage to the player.

In Legacy Rust, hunger will set in once you reach 500 food units or below. You then start to take damage from when your food meter reaches zero until you die or regain food units from eating. Hunger will prevent you from restoring health so make sure you keep over 500 food units to gain this benefit after taking damage.

In Experimental version Edit

In Experimental Rust, the Hunger status kicks in when your player's hunger bar is at 50 or below. You will start losing health, and "Starving" will pop up at the lower right of the player UI. The status effect works almost the same as in Experimental, because basically you start to lose health until you either die or find food and restore your hunger bar to over 50 units.

Trivia Edit

  • If you eat raw meat of any kind in either version of Rust, you will have a brief increase in hunger but then your health and hunger bar will decrease, depending on the food.
  • Spoiled Meat will also cause the same effect.
  • In Experimental, the player starts out with about 100-125 units in their hunger bar. The maximum the hunger bar can go is 500 units. Hunger drains at a variable rate depending on the player's physical activity, e.g. sprinting (7 units/min), running (3 units/min), and standing (<1 unit/min).
  • In Legacy, the player starts out with about 200 food units, or calories. The max the food bar can go is 2,000 units. Hunger drains at a rate of about 3-10 calories/min.
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