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Hunting Bows were crafted with 35 Wood and 5 Cloth. (Players did not need a Workbench to make a Hunting Bow.)

The Hunting Bow was a single shot weapon with variable power. The longer a player held down the fire key (after the racking animation of the Arrow is complete), the further the Arrow would travel. The Arrow had high damage and could kill a Boar or Deer in 2 hits. No weapon attachments could be added to the Hunting Bow, and Arrows were stackable to 10 Arrows per slot (in inventory).

The low crafting requirements made it the primary weapon of choice for new players who did not have access to Metal to craft proper guns. The high damage also made it a good marksman weapon for those who could land shots easily, and the adjustable power made it a decent long range weapon. Additionally, the Hunting Bow made minimal noise when fired, therefore making it a perfect choice for players who did not wish to attract unwanted attention.

There were no "iron sights" for the weapon, so the only way for players to aim their shots was to make a guess as to where the center of the screen is, which is where the Arrows fired. To help improve accuracy with the Bow, one could use a small piece of tape in the center of their screen to ensure the arrows fired more accurately. The Arrow had projectile drop at range, so long range shots were harder to pull off. The maximum range of the weapon is unknown, and the damage drop off of the weapon is also unknown at far ranges. The Hunting Bow was unable to produce headshots. Practice on moving animals was also a good way for players to practice their aim.

It was advisable to kite an aggressive target (such as a Wolf or Bear), of current stats, the player was the fastest unit and could gain enough distance between its target to occasionally fire a full-powered Arrow without being hit. However, this tactic did not work against other players as all players had the exact same speed while sprinting.

The Hunting Bow will kill a player in 2 successful body shots no matter the armor. (ya dickhead)

Crafting Edit

The Hunting Bow could be crafted with:

It took 20 seconds to craft.

Note: The Hunting Bow was a default crafting recipe.

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