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Animal faeces for fertilizer.

Low tier medicine thats made out of mushrooms and cloth (heals a small amount of health over time)

Selective fire for the LR-300.

A cola drink/Glass bottles and the addition of Molotov cocktails crafted with a Glass bottle, 5 cloth, and 20 Low Grade Fuel

Glass window inserts that function the same way as glass in metal shop fronts but can be placed in the standard window slot.

A  craftable single shot grenade launcher                                                                                                   

Low tier weapon atachments, like improvised scopes and silencers.

Chainsaw,would be avaliable latter on and would require a propane tank,gears,high quality metal,and a blade,it would require low grade fuel to operate, function wise it would be like a hatchet but with a faster gathering rate and with higher yeld.

Ability to add players to a turrets authorized list if you have authorization, similar go the "give to player" function on sleeping bags

Craftable metal detector for locating land mines.

Craftable divining rod for locating underground water sources and the ability to craft and plant a small well for fresh water extraction.

Crafting clips for weapons that hold more amo.  To be placed in an accessory slot for desired weapon.

Craftable drop box that can be placed on a door.  It can be accessed like a storage box from either side of the door but only has 2 slots.  Can be used for trading.

Craftable rabbit snare.  Does not require addition of new animal.  Dead rabbits would appear in the snare much like fish in the nets.

Seige weaponry such as trebuchets, catapults and battering rams for low teir raiding.
Character customization (nothing complicated just hair style, skin colour and the ability to pick male or female)
A way to apply skins to already crafted items.
Better hit boxes and more realistic physics.
Lower teir LMG (salvaged counter part to the m249)

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