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Type Status
Craftable N/A
Forces player to crouch. Limits mobility of player.

The Injured status effect can occur from falling or jumping off high places. It keeps you crouched and slows your walking as though you are crafting something. You cannot sprint, and it is very hard (if possible at all) to jump while injured. You will eventually recover after about a minute of being injured. Being injured usually also involves fall damage, as that is usually the method of injury.

vde Mechanics
Attack Damage TypesProjectiles
Environment AnimalsBarrelsBiomesFloraLoot CratesMonumentsRocks
Gameplay Attack HelicopterAirdropsBuildingCombatCraftingGatheringRaidingRepairingResearching
Player HealthProtectionSleepingSpawning
XP System ExperienceSkill TreeTech Tree
Category:Status Effects BleedingBuilding PrivilegeColdComfortDrowningHeatHungerInjuredPoisoningRadiationWetWounded

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