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Item Cost ListEdit

Sometimes players like to trade items with each other. But how do they know if they are getting a good deal?

It's easy when they're trading raw materials for a crafted item (e.g., low quality metal for a pistol) - but what if I want to trade wood for metal fragments, or gunpowder for wood planks? The list below is a starting point.

Based on the typical time and calories used to harvest raw materials like wood, ore and food, it's possible to compare their relative harvesting cost. These base costs can then be used to find the relative cost of refined and crafted items. In the list below, the cost of each item is compared to the cost of a unit of gunpowder.

This is not a price list. Prices are determined by whoever is trading. This is simply a way to compare the relative cost of various in-game items.

But why gunpowder? Gunpowder is typically the most sought-after resource. It is used for making ammo, as well as Explosive Charges (currently the most valuable in-game item). This makes it very desirable, and most people will be willing to trade their excess items for more gunpowder.

Why don't I see radiation pills listed? Certain 'found' items like radiation pills, cans of food and such can not be crafted, As such, there was no way to assign a cost to them. Certainly they have value, but that will have to be negotiated between the players doing the trading.

So here you are. Using a 'gunpowder standard' (GP), here is the list of relative costs:

Raw Materials       GP / Unit     GP / Stack 
  Wood                0.40          100 
  Metal ore           1.33          333 
  Sulfur ore          1.33          333 
  Stone               1.33          333 
  Cloth               1.50          375 
  Leather             1.50          375 
  Raw Food            1.50          375 
  Animal Fat          1.50          375 
  Blood               1.50          375 
Refined Materials       GP / Unit     GP / Stack 
  Metal Fragments         0.30           75 
  Sulfur                  0.50          125 
  Cooked Food             1.60          400 
  Charcoal                0.167          42             
Crafted Items           GP / Unit  
  Wood Barricade         12.00 
  Camp Fire               2.00 
  Sleeping Bag           22.50 
  Wood Storage           12.00 
  Wooden Door            12.00 
  Wood Shelter           20.00 
  Low Grade Fuel          4.50 
  Workbench              30.64 
  Stone Hatchet          10.65 
  Furnace                72.95 
  Torch                   6.40 
  Low Quality Metal       4.50 
  Spike Wall             40.00 
  Large Spike Wall       80.00 
  Wood Gate              48.00 
  Wood Gateway          160.00 
  Metal Door             60.00 
  Small Stash            15.00 
  Bed                    90.00 
  Repair Bench           81.96 
  Large Wood Storage     24.00      
  Gunpowder               1.00 
  Wood Planks             4.00 
  Explosives             34.50 
  Bandage                 3.00 
  Small Medkit            6.00 
  Large Medkit            9.00      
  9mm Ammo                3.30 
  Arrow (4-pak)           2.93 
  Handmade Shell          6.33 
  Shotgun Shell           5.60 
  556 Ammo                5.60      
  Revolver               63.00 
  Hatchet                11.00 
  Hunting Bow            21.50 
  HandCannon             11.00 
  Pipe Shotgun           32.00 
  Pick Axe               20.50 
  9mm Pistol             45.00 
  P250                   54.00      
  Shotgun                54.00 
  MP5A4                  90.00 
  M4                    135.00 
  Bolt Action Rifle     185.00 
  F1 Grenade             92.00 
  Explosive Charge      535.40      
  Cloth Helmet            7.50 
  Cloth Vest             15.00 
  Cloth Pants            12.00 
  Cloth Boots             4.50 
  Leather Helmet         10.50 
  Leather Vest           22.50 
  Leather Pants          18.00 
  Leather Boots           6.00 
  Rad Suit Helmet        24.00 
  Rad Suit Vest          37.50 
  Rad Suit Pants         34.50 
  Rad Suit Boots         24.00 
  Kevlar Helmet          27.00 
  Kevlar Vest            33.00 
  Kevlar Pants           24.00 
  Kevlar Boots           22.50      
  Handmade Lockpick      43.50 
  Research Kit 1        120.00 
  Flare                  10.40      
  Flashlight Mod         22.50 
  Holo sight             22.50 
  Laser Sight            22.50 
  Silencer               36.00      
  Wood Pillar             8.00 
  Wood Foundation        32.00 
  Wood Wall              16.00 
  Wood Doorway           16.00 
  Wood Window            16.00 
  Wood Stairs            20.00 
  Wood Ramp              20.00 
  Wood Ceiling           24.00 
  Metal Window Bars      30.00 
  Metal Pillar            9.00 
  Metal Foundation       36.00 
  Metal Wall             18.00 
  Metal Doorway          18.00 
  Metal Window           18.00 
  Metal Stairs           22.50 
  Metal Ramp             22.50 
  Metal Ceiling          27.00

Again, these aren't prices. These are just a guide to estimated

Happy Trading!!

- db_arcane

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