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Large Planter Box
Large Planter Box icon
A place to plant plants
Shortname planter.large
Type Items
Stacksize 1
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 30 s
Wood iconTransparent item
Tarp iconTransparent item

Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Large Planter Box is a deployable item that can be used to grow plants. Up to nine seeds can be placed in the planter. The planter can be placed both outside and indoors.

Usage Edit

Once the item has been crafted and placed down, seeds that are in ones hotbar can be placed inside the planter. Plants grown this way will grow twice as fast as those placed on the ground. They will also grow an additional 2x faster when a Ceiling Light is placed above the planter and turned on.

When regularly watering the plants with fresh water, the plants will yield up to twice as much resources when harvested. Salt water has the opposite effect and will eventually dry out the plants.

Plantable seeds Edit

The following seeds can be placed inside the large planter box:

Notes Edit

  • Plants grown in the Large Planter Box will eventually rot away and despawn given enough time.

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