Large Spike Wall

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Large Spike Wall
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
A deadly spike wall.

Large Spikewall

Large Spike wall

Large Spike Walls are structure that can be placed on various terrain (no Foundations needed).


  • 5HP per Rock - 300 Hits
  • 3HP per Stone Hatchet - 500 Hits
  • 6HP per Hatchet - 250 Hits
  • 15HP per Pickaxe - 100 Hits


To craft a Large Spike Wall you need 200 Wood. No blueprints are needed.


Large Spike walls are used much the same as a regular Spike Wall but they are taller and are more durable. Spike walls will causes anything that comes in contact to take damage and may cause them to bleed.

A large spike wall will decay over time and can be repaired using wood on your quick button. Equip the wood to your quick button and use that corresponding key while facing the spike wall. Per wood it will repair the wall for 50 hp (up until its maximum). If left to decay the wall will be gone within 2-3 days.

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