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Cloth Helmet (Legacy) icon Cloth Helmet Leather Helmet (Legacy) icon Leather Helmet Kevlar Helmet (Legacy) icon Kevlar Helmet
Cloth Vest (Legacy) icon Cloth Vest Leather Vest (Legacy) icon Leather Vest Kevlar Vest (Legacy) icon Kevlar Vest
Cloth Pants (Legacy) icon Cloth Pants Leather Pants (Legacy) icon Leather Pants Kevlar Pants (Legacy) icon Kevlar Pants
Cloth Boots (Legacy) icon Cloth Boots Leather Boots (Legacy) icon Leather Boots Kevlar Boots (Legacy) icon Kevlar Boots
Rad Suit Helmet (Legacy) icon Rad Suit Helmet Rad Suit Helmet (Legacy) icon Invisible Helmet
Rad Suit Vest (Legacy) icon Rad Suit Vest Rad Suit Vest (Legacy) icon Invisible Vest
Rad Suit Pants (Legacy) icon Rad Suit Pants Rad Suit Pants (Legacy) icon Invisible Pants
Rad Suit Boots (Legacy) icon Rad Suit Boots Rad Suit Boots (Legacy) icon Invisible Boots


Can of Beans (Legacy) icon Can of Beans Can of Tuna (Legacy) icon Can of Tuna Chocolate Bar (Legacy) icon Chocolate Bar
Cooked Chicken Breast (Legacy) icon Cooked Chicken Breast Granola Bar (Legacy) icon Granola Bar Raw Chicken Breast (Legacy) icon Raw Chicken Breast
Small Rations (Legacy) icon Small Rations Small Water Bottle (Legacy) icon Small Water Bottle


Anti-Radiation Pills (Legacy) icon Anti-Radiation Pills Bandage (Legacy) icon Bandage Large Medkit (Legacy) icon Large Medkit
Small Medkit (Legacy) icon Small Medkit


Flashlight Mod (Legacy) icon Flashlight Mod Holo Sight (Legacy) icon Holo Sight Laser Sight (Legacy) icon Laser Sight
Silencer (Legacy) icon Silencer [ADM] Spec Mod


Metal Ceiling (Legacy) icon Metal Ceiling Metal Doorway (Legacy) icon Metal Doorway Metal Foundation (Legacy) icon Metal Foundation
Metal Pillar (Legacy) icon Metal Pillar Metal Ramp (Legacy) icon Metal Ramp Metal Stairs (Legacy) icon Metal Stairs
Metal Wall (Legacy) icon Metal Wall Metal Window (Legacy) icon Metal Window Metal Window Bars (Legacy) icon Metal Window Bars
Wood Ceiling (Legacy) icon Wood Ceiling Wood Doorway (Legacy) icon Wood Doorway Wood Foundation (Legacy) icon Wood Foundation
Wood Pillar (Legacy) icon Wood Pillar Wood Ramp (Legacy) icon Wood Ramp Wood Stairs (Legacy) icon Wood Stairs
Wood Wall (Legacy) icon Wood Wall Wood Window (Legacy) icon Wood Window


Animal Fat (Legacy) icon Animal Fat Blood (Legacy) icon Blood Charcoal (Legacy) icon Charcoal
Cloth (Legacy) icon Cloth Explosives (Legacy) icon Explosives Gunpowder (Legacy) icon Gunpowder
Leather (Legacy) icon Leather Metal Fragments (Legacy) icon Metal Fragments Metal Ore (Legacy) icon Metal Ore
Paper (Legacy) icon Paper Stones (Legacy) icon Stones Sulfur (Legacy) icon Sulfur
Sulfur Ore (Legacy) icon Sulfur Ore Wood (Legacy) icon Wood Wood Planks (Legacy) icon Wood Planks


Bed (Legacy) icon Bed Camp Fire (Legacy) icon Camp Fire Furnace (Legacy) icon Furnace
Large Spike Wall (Legacy) icon Large Spike Wall Large Wood Storage (Legacy) icon Large Wood Storage Low Grade Fuel (Legacy) icon Low Grade Fuel
Low Quality Metal (Legacy) icon Low Quality Metal Metal Door (Legacy) icon Metal Door Repair Bench (Legacy) icon Repair Bench
Sleeping Bag (Legacy) icon Sleeping Bag Small Stash (Legacy) icon Small Stash Spike Wall (Legacy) icon Spike Wall
Torch (Legacy) icon Torch Wood Barricade (Legacy) icon Wood Barricade Wood Gate (Legacy) icon Wood Gate
Wood Gateway (Legacy) icon Wood Gateway Wood Shelter (Legacy) icon Wood Shelter Wood Storage Box (Legacy) icon Wood Storage Box
Wooden Door (Legacy) icon Wooden Door Workbench (Legacy) icon Workbench


Blood Draw Kit (Legacy) icon Blood Draw Kit Handmade Lockpick (Legacy) icon Handmade Lockpick Recycle Kit (Legacy) icon Recycle Kit
Research Kit (Legacy) icon Research Kit


9mm Pistol (Legacy) icon 9mm Pistol Bolt Action Rifle (Legacy) icon Bolt Action Rifle Explosive Charge (Legacy) icon Explosive Charge
F1 Grenade (Legacy) icon F1 Grenade Hand Cannon (Legacy) icon Hand Cannon Hatchet (Legacy) icon Hatchet
Hunting Bow (Legacy) icon Hunting Bow M4 (Legacy) icon M4 MP5A4 (Legacy) icon MP5A4
P250 (Legacy) icon P250 Pipe Shotgun (Legacy) icon Pipe Shotgun Revolver (Legacy) icon Revolver
Rock (Legacy) icon Rock Shotgun (Legacy) icon Shotgun Stone Hatchet (Legacy) icon Stone Hatchet
Supply Signal (Legacy) icon Supply Signal Hatchet (Legacy) icon Uber Hatchet Hunting Bow (Legacy) icon Uber Hunting Bow
Pick Axe (Legacy) icon Pick Axe

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