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The M4 is a craftable weapon that fires 5.56/223 caliber rounds. The magazine holds 24 rounds currently. It requires 30 Low Quality Metal to craft, which equal to 450 metal fragments.


Its large ammo capacity, excellent accuracy, high damage, and rapid-fire capability make it a force to be reckoned with at almost all ranges. The iron sights on the weapon are a bit restrictive on peripheral vision, so a Holographic Sight upgrade may prove useful.

Because the M4 can spend its ammo quickly, it's best to conserve ammunition when firing. You should fire in short, controlled bursts or single shot. This weapon is for long accuracy.


  • The M4 is based on the Colt M4A1 chambered in 5.56x45mm
  • It is the left handed variant of the M4A1 model
  • It uses a rear catapult iron sight in replacement of the default carry handle iron sight, an OD crane stock in replacement of a black LE stock, a UTG16 grip in replacement of the stock M4A1 grip, and 2 OD rail covers on the RIS hand guard.
  • It is extremely hard to find, you can find the M4 in chests, from dead players and rarely from red bears and wolves (mutants).


  • The charging handle is racked every time the weapon is equipped. In reality, this is only done when initially loading the weapon, or to eject rounds from the chamber when unloading the weapon after removing the magazine or in the process of dealing with a malfunction. (The charging handle should only be racked to cycle the bolt, not after a wet reload.. i.e.: there is still a round in the chamber.)
  • The weapon's model is flipped, all controls other than the bolt catch should be on the right side of the gun along with the ejection port.
  • The weapon's dust cover should rest on the shoulder which is below it, not above it.
  • The Silencer is placed at the end of the flash hider instead of covering it completely.

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