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MP5A4 icon
A medium damage machine gun.
Shortname smg.mp5
Type Ranged Weapon
Stacksize 1
Weapon Stats
Fire Mode Full Automatic
Damage Head: 70
  Chest: 35
  Arms: Unknown
  Legs: unknown
Recoil Medium
Range Unknown
Capacity 30
Pistol Bullet iconTransparent item
HV Pistol Ammo iconTransparent item
Incendiary Pistol Bullet iconTransparent item
Weapon Mods
Mod Slots 3
Silencer iconTransparent item
Weapon Lasersight iconTransparent item
Weapon Flashlight iconTransparent item
Holosight iconTransparent item
4x Zoom Scope iconTransparent item
Muzzle Boost iconTransparent item
Muzzle Brake iconTransparent item
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 180 s
High Quality Metal iconTransparent item
SMG Body iconTransparent item
Metal Spring iconTransparent item

Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The MP5A4 is a submachine gun which shoots Pistol Bullets and holds 30 rounds of ammunition.

While the Thompson has higher damage, the MP5A4 has higher accuracy, range, and ammo capacity. This makes it a more versatile weapon / suitable to more situations, and closing the gap between the assault rifles and the submachine guns.

Crafting Edit

The MP5A4 can be crafted with:

It takes 60 seconds to craft.

Skins Edit

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