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Overview Edit

Example map

Example map

The map is procedurally generated from a seed in the server settings. The size can also be set. A map of a specific seed can be found at Play Rust HQ.

The map is an island with three biomes: snow, grass, and desert.

Legacy Maps Edit


A Rust map made by lluckymou (Img Link: )


Rust map by AlphaCheeto


RUSTMAP full-map

printable Map

RUSTMAP full-map-gradient

printable RUST-Map

RUSTMAP full-map-color-ca

printable RUST-Map

Mapa rustv1

Map of rust made by kori

Other community maps:

Printable Maps

Interactive maps Edit

  • Interactive map with: Zoom, Coordinate locator, private and public markers/lines/shapes which you can save and edit live, multiple maps and layers.
  • Interactive map tool, mark locations, draw areas, leave notes, place labels, share your map, position locator, multiple maps, ingame map overlay tool.
  • Interactive Map with: Coordinate Locater, Mouse over coordinate pinpointing, and one-click rcon teleport command creation.
  • K3X HD Map High Resolution Map. Some Errors because of image-stitching, positions are not perfect. Plan is to Create a Map like but in HD, with radiationzones and lootspawns. (See Talk)

Video TutorialEdit

Rust Tutorial 3 - How To Navigate The Map (PlayRust Map Tutorial) (DuhWynning)09:12

Rust Tutorial 3 - How To Navigate The Map (PlayRust Map Tutorial) (DuhWynning)

Tutorial on Finding your way in Rust


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