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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Metal Spring is a component used in the crafting of most guns available to the player. The Metal Spring tends to be more rare than other components, for while it is available in barrels, it drops at a significantly lower rate. As a result, it is more commonly found in the wooden crates that spawn with junk piles.

Springs are a major limiting factor when it comes to weapon production. In fact, the only weapons that don't require springs are the primitive weapons, the revolver, the waterpipe shotgun, the eoka pistol, the double barrel shotgun, and the rocket launcher.

Metal Spring
Metal Spring icon
A metal spring. Used to provide motion or resistance in objects
Shortname metalspring
Type Component
Stacksize 20
Craftable No
Used In
Assault Rifle iconTransparent item
Bolt Action Rifle iconTransparent item
MP5A4 iconTransparent item
Semi-Automatic Pistol iconTransparent item
Semi-Automatic Rifle iconTransparent item
Pump Shotgun iconTransparent item
Custom SMG iconTransparent item
Thompson iconTransparent item
Python Revolver iconTransparent item


When placed in a Recycler, metal springs will yield:

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