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Metal Wall
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default No

Metal Walls are craftable, placeable items, though they may only be placed on a Metal Foundation. They appear as a standard wall made out of Metal.

Metal Walls are currently only destructible by placing 4 Explosive Charges on them, they do not decay, and cannot be destroyed by hitting them with a Pickaxe, Hatchet, etc. when placing explosive charges on a metal wall, take into account any previous damage done to the wall (it is impossible to repair them).

They can be rotated by scrolling your mouse wheel before being placed. (note, it's impossible to rotate a wall after it has been placed)

There was a previous bug with doors that allowed players to glitch through them. This has been fixed.


Metal Walls may be crafted with 4 Low Quality Metal.

You must first find one in a Airdrop, or from Mutated Bears and Wolves and research it using a Research Kit.

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