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Information accurate as of: build 1073.54

Monuments (aka "dungeons, landmarks") are world-generated structures that cannot be destroyed and are part of the landscape. Most of these are typically known to have various loot spawns, in the form of Crates and Barrels. They are commonly used by players as points of reference and navigation purposes, as well as being consistently lootable. Also, some of these monuments generate Radiation that slowly accumulates in the player (and eventually kills them if they are afflicted for too long).

Types Edit

A list of all known major monuments that can be found in the main branch of Rust includes:


vde Mechanics
Attack Damage TypesProjectiles
Environment AnimalsBarrelsBiomesFloraLoot CratesMonumentsRocks
Gameplay Attack HelicopterAirdropsBuildingCombatCraftingGatheringRaidingRepairingResearching
Player HealthProtectionSleepingSpawning
XP System ExperienceSkill TreeTech Tree
Category:Status Effects BleedingBuilding PrivilegeColdComfortDrowningHeatHungerInjuredPoisoningRadiationWetWounded

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