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Rust Mutant Bear

The Mutated Bear is almost exactly like its normal counterpart except that it drops a back pack and can be found in irradiated areas normally accompanied by other Mutated Bears or Mutated Wolves. It will only drop animal products for two hits when harvesting it. Unlike some harmless creatures like the deer, it will attack you if you get too close. They are extremely aggressive.

Killing a Mutated BearEdit

It can take up to 20 hits with a Hatchet to kill. Using a shotgun is your best bet of killing one of these beasts as 2 close hits within about 3 metres is a straight kill. You can also use a bow to kill but it will take 3 arrows. Upon death it drops a green backpack with no camo (unlike the player backpack which has greyish digital camo) which can contain any of the drops listed below.


Common: Pickaxe, Laser Sight BP, Holo Sight BP, Flash Light BP, Grenade BP, 9mm Ammo, 556 Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, 5 Cloth, Large storage crate BP, and miscellaneous food items.

Rare: Research Kit, Silencer BP, Kevlar Boots BP, Kevlar Pants BP, Kevlar Vest BP, Kevlar Helmet BP

Super Rare: Explosive Charge, Explosive Charge BP, Kevlar Helm BP, Metal Building Components

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