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The Mutated Wolf is almost exactly like its normal counterpart except that it drops a back pack that can contain: a Pickaxe, Leather Shoes, Leather Pants, Leather Vest and Leather Helmet (Being Researched) and the Mutated Wolf can be found in irradiated areas normally accompanied by other Mutated Wolves or Mutated Bears.The Mutated Wolf is an aggressive animal that will attack you when you come nearby. Mutated wolves give about 1 Leather and 2-3 Uncooked Chicken.

Killing A WolfEdit

The Mutated Wolf is as fast as (or just a tiny bit slower) than a Running player so beware of this before you try to kill a wolf.

You can kill a wolf with:

1 shot with a shotgun at point blank range.

2 shots with a bow.

3 shots with an P250 or a M4.

4 shots with a 9mm Pistol or MP5A4. 



Item Amount
Shotgun Shells Varies
9mm Ammo Varies
5.56 Ammo Varies


Item Amount
Holographic Sight Blueprint 1
9mm Pistol Blueprint 1


Item Amount
Tuna Can  ?
Granola Bar 3


Item Amount
Research Kit 1

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