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The pickaxe is a tool and weapon that you can craft and is commonly dropped by mutant wolves/bears or found inside loot crates. Swinging this weapon burns 10 calories and makes you hungry much faster than any of the other tools.


As a WeaponEdit

The pickaxe is the most powerful melee weapon, killing unarmored human players in two hits. it can also kill a full Kevlar player with 6-8 hits. It is a heavy weapon that deals more damage than the Hatchet, but also swings much slower. It does have a slight range advantage compared to the hatchet. It can also be used as a charging weapon, by swinging before you encounter an enemy in hitting distance, then running towards them and past them while the Pickaxe is still doing the swinging animation. If you time it right, you can hit players and animals without taking any damage yourself.

As a ToolEdit

The pickaxe can be used to gather resources from rocks at a faster rate than the hatchet, but is slower at getting resources from animals. Repeatedly hitting trees, wood piles, rocks, or fallen animals will give you their resources. The pickaxe is the worst tool for collecting resources from fallen animals, for a hatchet (or even the starter rock!) can do better.

The pickaxe can also be used to break down structures such as storage boxes, furnaces, sleeping bags, beds, campfires, barricades, spike walls and doors, at around twice the speed of a hatchet. The pickaxe can also destroy Wood Shelters in 167 hits.


The weapon can only be crafted after using a Research Kit to find the recipe. It is made using 40 Wood and 15 Metal Fragments.

The Pickaxe takes 20 seconds to craft.


  • When hitting a tree with pickaxe, you will get 2 Wood instead of 1 once every 2 hits.

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