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PimpMelon's Survive & Stay Alive Guide (Under Construction)Edit

There are five events that usually happen in a Player's Rust lifetime. Players gather resources, create a house, goes to loot the towns, goes raiding and has to defend against a raid. This guide will cover all of those things but first; What type of Player are you... For the sake of this article we'll assume that you are just an average Joe willing to do anything to increase your chances of success in your Rust lifetime. Theirs no guarantees to survival as everything will take skill and persistence. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Before you Join
  • Getting Settled
  • Building a place to stay 
  • Looting the Towns
  • Raid Crusade
  • Defending against a Raid

Before you JoinEdit

Before you even decide to join a server you may want to ask a friend to join as it will prove to be extremely beneficial for both of you. Now if you prefer PvP action and like the difficulty of Rust then I would join a server that has more people on it and a higher max. player limit. If you want a more layback experience then do the opposite, join a server with lower people. Server Reliability is a lot in Rust and no one likes to die because of a lag spike so I would join a server that DOES DO server wipes and has done one in the past 10 days. Servers that don't do wipes are usually laggy and unreliable in my experience. 

For people that are really looking to build and admire their buildings then join one that does not conduct server wipes and with as few people as possible. 

Getting SettledEdit

Your first days in some cases can make or break your lifetime. Once you spawn in your new server you will look in all directions scanning for the following:

  • Visible Resources (Wood, Metal/Stone, Passive Animals
  • Land Types (Mountains, Valleys, Hills, etc.)
  • Nearby Towns, Roads or Radiation zones
  • Potential Danger (Hostile Animals, Mutants, Players or their Structures)

Your going to gather some basic resources like wood for a Camp Fire, stone and metal for better tools and you want to kill any passive animal you see as they will likely be your only food for most of your first days, while avoiding any potential dangers. After getting enough wood for a shelter, you want to pick the most bulletproof place to set it... getting raided in your first stages of Rust is a real debbie downer. Do not put it in an area that is just a lot of flat land, your asking for trouble. You can put it near a Town but not in a radioactive zone. Don't place it too close to bears and wolves. I would put a shelter in between two rocks deep in the side of a mountain. The rest of your time should be dedicated to gathering resources to make a Workbench, Door, Sleeping Bag, Furnace, Storage Box and a Revolver or Hunting Bow (Somewhere in that order). 

After you've crafted all those things, your ready to find a permanent place to live.

Building a place to stayEdit

Building your home should not be rushed, you should first scout for the most perfect location. Location is the deciding factor that determines how often your going to be raided, the three main land types are Mountainous regions, there are flat grassland areas and there are areas of medium sized hills

Areas of flat land are the easiest to build in but can be seen way too easily, a base in the grassland is the first building to get raided. You can utilize a mountain to either hold your home up in the air to provide you with a wide range of view over the lower ground or you can use it to better hide your home. The third options is to build on the side of a hill or at the bottom of a mountain which offers low protection but leaves you very close to the resources. The last option, which I do not recommend, is to build on water. You can place foundation going off the shore and going out or you could build in the water as you cannot drown currently. The reason I don't recommend it is that it's not very effective in terms of how many resources you have to spend (Wooden Foundation, etc.) for the protection you get. 

Once you've chosen your location I would take out some foundation and make sure it's flat enough to build what you want to build. Now for planning out your build, you want more than enough foundations walls and ceilings to finish your build once you begin. The first mistake people make is that they make a tower, now it may give you supreme sight over the land, it also says "Hey, theirs a building right here... you know he's got stuff because it's so damn tall!" Of course there are times where this may not be so but I would just stick to building shorter and wider buildings. Keep in mind if your home is in a more open area then keep your house smaller or dedicate more space to traps and defenses.

The ideal building is in a place where it can only be seen from one or two sides, it has plenty room to expand, it is high enough in the air to easily spot invaders when on a nearby mountain or rock, and it is easy to locate.

I will continue adding to this in a few minutes.

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