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The Pipe Shotgun had a longer range than the Hand Cannon and fired 6 pellets with each shot. It Used Handmade Shells as ammunition and held 1 shell per reload. It was replaced by the Waterpipe Shotgun.

With its slow reloading speed and only 1 shell per reload, it as a cheap replacement for the Shotgun. This was mainly effective for use when quickly hunting without fear of being caught (the sound carries far), or when only a single shot was needed to finish another player (this could work in groups or against naked hostiles).


Crafted with  50 Wood and 40 Metal Fragments on a Workbench.


The Pipe Shotgun done 144 damage when all 6 pellets hit the target, the following is the approximate amount of shots it required to kill specific animals.

  • Deer - 1 Close Range Shot
  • Bear - 2 Close Range Shots
  • Boar - 1 Close Range Shot
  • Wolf - 1 Close Range Shot


When reloading, the player put in a shotgun shell, while pipe shotgun only used handcrafted shells.


Download (12)

Pipe Shotgun pointed at another player.

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