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"Procedural Virtual Texturing" is a graphics setting that coincides with Terrain Quality. It can be toggled on or off via the F2 settings overlay in Experimental Rust.

What does it do? (Or what doesn't it) Edit

Ever played a game and notice the same texture being placed over and over on the ground in a pattern or grid? Want some variety or realism to the terrain? Procedural Virtual Texturing is the setting that will do just that. What is does is that it randomize the textures seen on the ground, in the water, and on many other things. Procedural Virtual Texturing can be on/off by default, but depends on your graphics preset.

How will it affect my game's FPS?s Edit

Procedural Virtual Texturing is a setting that may or may not (depending on your computer) impede your game's performance. Try playing around with it in the F2 overlay to see which option is right for you.

Of course, if you want graphics over performance, enable Procedural Virtual Texturing.

A note from the Rustafied forums Edit

  • Note on Procedural Virtual Texturing: Although this used to reduce FPS in a big way, toggling it on recently has shown increases in FPS. Play with toggling this on and off to see what give you the best results. 

Full article is shown here.

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