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PvP, also known as "Player vs Player", is a play style associated with many games, including Rust. In a PvP game, players have the opportunity to fight and kill other players. PvP broadly refers to any given combat situation between two or more players. In Rust, PvP is optional, as there is no requirement for the player to kill other players in order to progress through the game.

vde Mechanics
Attack Damage TypesProjectiles
Environment AnimalsBarrelsBiomesFloraLoot CratesMonumentsRocks
Gameplay Attack HelicopterAirdropsBuildingCombatCraftingGatheringRaidingRepairingResearching
Player HealthProtectionSleepingSpawning
XP System ExperienceSkill TreeTech Tree
Category:Status Effects BleedingBuilding PrivilegeColdComfortDrowningHeatHungerInjuredPoisoningRadiationWetWounded