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PvP - Player vs PlayerEdit

server.pvp true is an option to allow player versus player damage. You are allowed to do everything you have to do to survive, such as raiding players or griefing to get supplies, if this doesn't violate the rules on that server. In PvP mode, you can kill and raid other players without further consequences.

PvE - Player vs EnvironmentEdit

server.pvp false will prevent player versus player damage. You are not able to kill do any harm to other players.


This is an action caused by players when they place structures, like barricades, in front of a door of another player, so he can not leave or enter his house anymore. On most servers griefing is forbidden and will be punished by admins. Griefing can also be general misbehaving in the game by preventing another player of playing.


sleepers.on true is an option which causes that your body will not disappear after your disconnection from the server. Your body and your items in your inventory will stay in the place where you log off. You can be killed and looted, so disconnect in a safe place.


By pressing and holding E on a door you can set a four digit (numbers only) code on the door. Everybody who knows this code can then also enter it and access the door making it possible to share a base with your friends. Doors can also be unlocked, which will let any player access the door without a code.

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