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Python Revolver
Python Revolver icon
A High Powered six-shooter.
Shortname pistol.python
Type Ranged Weapon
Stacksize 1
Weapon Stats
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Damage Head: 90
  Chest: 56 + 10 Bleed
  Arms: Unknown
  Legs: Unknown
Recoil High
Range Unknown
Capacity 6
Pistol Bullet iconTransparent item
HV Pistol Ammo iconTransparent item
Incendiary Pistol Bullet iconTransparent item
Weapon Mods
Mod Slots 3
Weapon Lasersight iconTransparent item
Weapon Flashlight iconTransparent item
Holosight iconTransparent item
4x Zoom Scope iconTransparent item
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 60 s
Metal Pipe iconTransparent item
Metal Spring iconTransparent item
High Quality Metal iconTransparent item

Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Python Revolver is a ranged weapon that fires Pistol Bullets. It deals more damage than the M92 Pistol or the Semi-Automatic Pistol but has a higher recoil with only six shots.

Trivia Edit

  • Magnum .357 is stamped on the barrel.

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