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Radiation icon
Type Debuff
Craftable N/A
Signifies that the player is being irradiated.

Radiation is an effect that occurs when the player enters an irradiated zone, such as those near game-generated Monuments. Radiation will slowly kill the player as it increases.

Preventing Radiation Death Edit

Radiation in the stable version is similar to that of the Legacy version, but there are some differences, both big and small. When you have radiation, you will hear the sound of a Geiger Counter clicking and a slight amount of static will start to appear on the screen. Radiation comes from irradiated areas, like world-generated radtowns and some landmarks, such as the Wolf Statue.

When entering a radiation zone, a status bar will appear on the lower right of the player's UI, saying "Radiation Level", and a number that shows the level of radiation, or RADs, in the area. This is harmless, but it is an indication meter that, if not closely watched, will cause trouble to the player. The "Radiation Level" is the Experimental equivalent of the RADs meter in Legacy Rust. When the Radiation Level exceeds just 20, however, a new thing will appear: "Radiation Poisoning". This is the amount of radiation that is actually harming your player, and can be impeded by wearing radiation-resistant clothing, such as a Hazmat Suit (aka Rad Suit). Radiation Poisoning will start to eat away at your player's health, and both radiation effects will increase while the player is in an irradiated zone.

Radiation can be lost/dealt with by doing the following things: Edit

  • Wearing any kind of clothing (although the Hazmat Suit is highly recommended, and the other types of clothing help just a bit)
  • Getting out of the radiation zone (typical for when you start to get too much Radiation Poisoning)
  • Moving around
  • Moving around in water (even more effective)
  • Using a medical item (NOTE: most medical items will only slowly replenish your health, and stuff like Medkits and Bandages will NOT help if you are taking damage!!!) Your best bet with replenishing health is by using a Medical Syringe, as the health is absorbed right away!
  • Using Anti-Radiation Pills (really effective for lowering your radiation levels)
  • Drinking water from Small Water Bottles, Bota Bags, or directly from Water Catchers or Rivers.

Trivia Edit

The limits of the radiation meters in Rust:

  • (Legacy) RADs Meter: 999 Rads
  • (Experimental) Radiation Level: around 250? (this is replaced by Radiation Poisoning when the Radiation gets to a lethal level)
  • (Experimental) Radiation Poisoning: 500 *nearly unsurvivable!
  • In Legacy, radiation is far easier to combat, because medical equipment works even while taking damage. Also, the radiation level doesn't become lethal right away.
  • Be careful, watch the meter! You'd be surprised how fast the Radiation meter can go up!
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