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Raiding is a part of the PvP gameplay of Rust. It involves bandits (hostile players) breaking into another player's base without their permission. There are several techniques and tools to accomplish this.

Brute Force Edit

Players can hit a component of the structure with a weapon to do enough damage to destroy the component. The component takes a varying number of hits depending on the health and build tier of the component and the weapon used. Here are a few examples of commonly used raiding melee tools:

Tools / Weapons Twig Tier (10 hp) Wood Tier (250 hp) Stone Tier (500 hp) Sheet Metal Tier (750 hp) Armored Tier (1000 hp)
Wooden Spear 2 hits @ 4 dmg/hit Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hatchet 3 hits

4 dmg per hit

750 hits

1 dmg per 3 hits

9,500 hits

1 dmg per 19 hits

Unknown Unknown
Pick Axe 3 hits

4 dmg per hit

540 hits

1.4 dmg per 3 hits

2,500 hits

1 dmg per 5 hits

Unknown Unknown

Explosives Edit

Twig Tier Wood Tier Stone Tier Sheet Metal Tier Armored Tier
Timed Explosive Charges 1 1 2 2 3
Rocket launcher (Rocket) 1 1 4 4 6
Rocket launcher (HV Rocket) 1 2 5-6 8 10
F1 Grenades 1 6 10 33

Doors require half the amounts.

Something to note: Typically, objects made of Metal Fragments are much more susceptible to explosive damage. This is not limited to Sheet Metal structures. It also includes things like the Chainlink Fence, Floor Grill and Metal Barricade.

Projectile Weapons Edit

Not much is known about the effect of projectiles on the health of structures. A detailed damage list can be found here: Damage Table

However, this we do know:

  • Twig and Wood structures are on the weaker side to begin with, but instead of using projectiles it is probably better just to use melee weapons/tools.
  • Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo does greater damage to Sheet Metal and Armored tier structures than typical 5.56 or pistol rounds, although it is still rather inefficient compared to explosives.
  • A High Velocity Arrow fired from a Crossbow is capable of penetrating through structures of any building tier (except for Stone). This allows someone to shoot a person through a wall, for instance. The arrow cannot penetrate more than one structure.
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