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Ration Box Render

A rendering of the Ration Box.

The floating, cargo Ration Box[1] is a concept for a new type of Loot Crate in Experimental Rust.

The Ration Box will likely devour you for the greater good.

It is supposed to contain mainly starter kit oriented low-tier items such as Food, likely of the canned variety, Water Jugs or Bottles and possibly jerry cans, filled with Low Grade Fuel.

The contents of the box would allow a new player to quickly set up a secure base by crafting Furnaces with the provided Low Grade Fuel, where as smelting Canned Tuna or Beans in a Camp Fire would provide enough Metal Fragments for a Code Lock. It may also contain Anti-Radiation Pills.

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References Edit

  1. Concept introduced in Devblog 110.
  2. Source: Devblog 112.

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