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The Raw Chicken Breast was a food item. However, it was not advisable to eat them raw, as they satisfied little hunger and damaged the player's health. Besides having immediate negative effects it also has a chance of Poisoning the player which causes them to throw up.


A Raw Chicken Breast could be consumed by a player by putting it into their Hotbar and pressing the specified key of 1-6. Additionally, players could also consume it from anywhere in their inventory by hovering their mouse over the item and then clicking on it with their right-mouse button after which they could select the 'Eat' option.

Additionally, Raw Chicken Breasts could be turned into Cooked Chicken Breasts by cooking them in a Camp Fire. This was preferable to eating them raw.


Raw Chicken Breasts could be obtained in just one way:

Note: They could also be stolen from other players.

Notes: Edit

  • Much to the amusement of players, Raw Chicken Breasts could be obtained by harvesting any animal. Ironically, there were no Chickens in Legacy. However, many players didn't seem to mind.
  • The in-game description for Raw Chicken Breasts did not warn towards their potential to cause Poisoning. This meant that many players had to discover this for themselves.
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