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Revolver icon
Type Ranged Weapon
Weapon Stats
Semi Automatic
Damage 80
Recoil  ?
Range Short-Medium
Ammunition Pistol Bullet
Capacity 6
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
This is a weapon.

The Revolver is a ranged weapon that fires Pistol Bullets and holds 6 rounds while loaded. The Revolver was added January 9th, 2014.


The Revolver can be crafted using:


Same as for Bolt Action Rifle, In the earlier versions of alpha, attaching flashlight or laser sight would direct them to the side. It could be fixed by attaching silencer. This bug was fixed in 01/20 update.

Before the Revolver was added, 9mm pistol used to be a default craftable weapon.The 9mm pistol has been removed from the default craftables.

The revolver uses the same rounds that a 9mm pistol uses, which is 9mm ammo.


The Revolver is cheaper than the 9mm pistol, making it a primary choice on early-game players as it acts essentially the same as a 9mm pistol, except with lower firing rate, smaller cylinder size/cartridge count, but with 4 more units of damage, but 4 units of damage less than the P250 (but still much cheaper).


  • The rounds shown on a fully loaded revolver have dents in all the primers showing that all the rounds have already been fired.

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