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Dirt Roads in Experimental Rust.

Roads in Experimental Rust, despite not being a type of Monument in and of themselves, fall into the same category as they serve a similar navigatory purpose as other monuments, interconnect them and provide occasional loot spawns. They are usually present on most procedurally generated maps. Typically, roads do not have any radiation, however, depending on the areas that they pass through, radiation can be sometimes be present.

Layout Edit

All Roads are essentially unpaved dirt tracks.

Roads are usually lined with wooden utility poles, most likely electricity posts, which render them easily identifiable from a great distance.

Alongside Roads you may occasionally encounter different types of road signs, power poles, electrical circuit boxes and bus stop shelters, all of which are indestructible.

Loot Edit

Roads View

Barrels and Food Crates may spawn nearby.

Regular loot Barrels and Food Crates may spawn nearby, on either side of the Road along its entirety.

Infrastructure Edit

Roads do not provide any access to public utilities (e.g: Furnaces, Repair Benches, Smelters, etc). However, Monuments connected to the roads may have certain utilities available. Player built utilities can also be present, but do not rely on finding these.

Gallery Edit

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